The Darkroom (2006) – By Brian Morton

 Sometimes a horror movie is a little more than just a horror movie, and that’s the case with The Darkroom. I have to admit, Anchor Bay is probably the company that consistently released the best, most underrated movies out there! And, that trend continues with The Darkroom.

Here’s the story, when a man in an asylum is given an experimental drug to try to regain his memories, he has a bad reaction and is returned to his room. On the way, another patient attacks a nurse, leaving a door open and allowing him to escape. When he hits the street, he sees a kid who’s being attacked by bullies and defends him, this leads to a very strange friendship between this homeless mental patient and this geeky kid. Now, you might not think this is a horror movie so far, but our escaped mental patient has been locked away for killing some women (which he doesn’t remember) and, due to the bad reaction to the drug, he keeps seeing visions. Visions of people he’s looking at being killed, and he sees a monster, who he believes is killing these people. This movie begins as one thing and slowly morphs into another. Is the monster real? Is the mental patient killing people? And what about the kid and his parents, his stepfather has a locked dark room, what’s in there and what does it have to do with the murders? This movie moves from horror movie, to a strange buddy movie and then to a serial killer movie! This movie is absolutely fantastic, the acting is superb, the story is excellent and I actually watched it twice…yes, it was that good!

The Darkroom is out there now on DVD, and if you’re in the mood for a great movie, I highly recommend it. In case you can’t find it for yourself, head on over to Anchor Bay and find it there, you won’t be disappointed. And, until next time, when we’ll talk some more about underrated movies that you need to see, remember that the best movies are bad movies.