The Day They Came Back (2006) – By Brian Morton

 In the world of independent horror film, there’s one sub-genre that towers above them all…the zombie movie. It seems that every guy who gets a video camera and love horror movies thinks that all you need to do is put some bluish makeup on their buddies and have them stagger around, add a little blood and a couple of mediocre special effects and they all think they’re the next George Romero!

Well, after wading through literally dozens of these kinds of movies, you start to feel a bit like a zombie yourself, but, every once in a while, a low budget zombie movie drops in your lap that’s so good, that you feel hope for the future of the zombie movie. The Day They Came Back is such a film!

A mere 20 minute short, The Day They Came Back is your standard zombie movie in many ways. The dead come back, this time via some sort of military experiment, a small town is wiped out and only a small group of people has somehow survived the horror. This group stumbles on the inevitable group of military people who are there to ‘take charge of the situation’ and things get grimmer and grimmer as we go. Sounds familiar, and a lot of this is, but The Day They Came Back is a bit different. Scott Goldberg, the writer/director of the movie, has something just a bit different here. Instead of seeing the cracks in the story where the budget wouldn’t allow for certain things, Scott seems to work with these perceived weaknesses to make them strengths. Instead of trying to introduce a platoon of military men, we meet the military far into the plague when all but two have been killed by the rising undead. The zombies here aren’t your standard low budget zombies here. Scott says he had a mere $3000 for the movie, and I can tell that it’s all there on the screen. The zombies aren’t the standard blue makeup, slowly wandering buddies, these zombies have incredible makeup and when they descend on the living, it’s not a low budget looking affair! The gore here is very good for such a low budget!!

The acting is a bit uneven in places, but that doesn’t take away from this great movie. The Day They Came Back is that rarest of jewels, a low budget zombie movie that’s worthy of being included alongside the likes of any Romero film! And if you think I’m exaggerating at all, then drop on over to Scott Goldberg and check it out for yourself. And, until next time when I’ll tell you about my own low budget movie, it’s so low budget, I can’t even afford the camera! (Insert your own rim shot here!), remember that the best movies are bad movies.