The Deal: Rookies (2006) – By Brian Morton

 In this day and age, with all the technological advances out there, it’s a mixed blessing that anyone with a camera and enough time can make a movie. I say mixed because it’s great to see all these micro-budget movies popping up, but it’s a little hard to watch filmmakers struggle through their early films in such a public way. I’m sure the Steven Speilberg’s first movies weren’t anything to shout about…not that lately he’s been much better…but you see what I mean. Well, I just watched a micro-budget action movie, The Deal: Rookies, in which you can see the good and the bad side of home-make movies.

The Deal: Rookies is really the tale of two brothers who are separated at a young age, one becomes a cop the other becomes…well, I’m not sure, but whatever he becomes he hates cops. These two are reunited and forced to team up against bad guys. The problem with The Deal: Rookies is that the story is a little thin…well, very thin…well, actually there’s very little story here at all. The good thing is that this is a bunch of friends having fun and it’s not as bad as some micro-budget movies I’ve seen. The Deal: Rookies is the first movie by Brendan Steere, and I have to say, I can see something here for a first effort. While the acting isn’t that strong, it’s obvious that he’s using his friends to the best of their ability, and while the story isn’t very strong at all, the look of the movie and the use of music and sound effects are very good. To check out this interesting little movie for yourself drop over to The T & L Co. My Space Page and see for yourself! So, while it’s not the best movie I’ve ever seen, it’s not the worst either and, I believe, that with some practice and a little work, Brendan Steere’s next movie might be loads better! So, until next time, when I reveal that I live my life on a micro-budget, not to prove a point, but because my boss is a real cheapskate, remember that the best movies are bad movies!