The Deja Vuers (2016) – By Misty Layne


THE DEJA VUERS is definitely quirky, if nothing else. A short film about a man who experiences deja vu when he spots a woman sitting on a park bench, it’s interesting for sure. Our man walks along in a park, sees girl, introduces himself and is generally that creepy guy that girls avoid (“so, you were in my dream last night…” *wink*). But turns out the guy does know some stuff about our girl that is totes random, things that a stranger wouldn’t know, so she lets him sit on the bench and chat. And then…a relative from the wayyyyy past (Revolution Era) appears through a portal and tells her to not date that dude. And then….a guy from a tire shop shows up and she runs away with him. And then there’s time-traveling. It’s kind of a lot for an 8-minute film, gotta say.

THE DEJA VUERS is a cute film, but it wasn’t my favorite. It didn’t quite gel for me (and I’m one of the queens of quirk so it wasn’t that factor). It was the story – the actors were fine, cinematography was fine, the park was lovely, the dead relative guy was funny – I’m just not sure WHAT it was about the story in particular? Maybe it was just too disjointed…like, “here’s deja vu” (okay, cool)…”now here’s Revolution Guy!” (okay…)…”and now here’s this guy!”…”and now let’s add this!”…I think THAT’S what I mean. Instead of peeking in on a moment of someone’s life, it was all just sort of pointless and meaningless. Yeah. I think that’s what I mean definitely.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t for you though! Visit Stories in Motion to check out THE DEJA VUERS and their other works (they do terrific work, guys!). Enjoy!