The Demented (2013) – By Brian Morton

Zombie movies are zombie movies are zombie movies, it seems the best we can hope for is good writing and good acting to save the movie from being just another rip off of a previous movie. Well, writer/director Christopher Roosevelt has managed to bring a bit of flavor to the genre with The Demented…and we’re all very thankful.

The Demented begins as your normal horror movie would, six kids in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with no communication with the outside world. Then, a bomb hits…literally, and suddenly they find themselves surrounded by people who’ve been infected with what seems to be rabies, and they have to find a way to escape! So far, sounds like something you’ve already seen, right? Well, there’s a difference here, first these kids (while being semi-stereotypical) aren’t at all what you’d expect, there’s a bit of drama between them, so when all hell breaks loose, people’s motivations are questioned. The other big difference comes with the acting and story, the script is top notch, the ‘zombies’ aren’t all over the place and when they’re in the scene, the director is relying more on the action of them and the sound than he is on ‘gore fx’…which is very refreshing. Tension builds quickly and there are turns that I never saw coming…and I’ve seen a lot of these movies, so to surprise me is really doing something! And the acting is great, everyone is believable, and in the end, you’ll really find yourself rooting for these kids to pull off this escape.

I’m giving The Demented 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s first appearance is one of ‘just another zombie flick’, but give it a chance, it’s more than that and it’s well worth your time! Find out more and join the chase for yourself by heading over to