The Detective in New York (2015) – By Philip Smolen


“The Detective in New York” is a five minute short film from writer/director Matt Barry. It’s a first person narrative told from the perspective of a decorated New York detective (Jim Gisriel) as he wanders the different boroughs in the city, brooding over a famous murder case that’s come to an unsatisfactory end. The higher ups have white-washed the case to placate both the politicians and the press and the detective knows that he can’t divulge the truth without jeopardizing his career. However, he’s disgusted enough with the cover up that he just might reveal the truth and take everybody down with him.

The film plays like a good promo. It’s far too short to really go into any detail, which is frustrating, but it successfully whets your appetite for a feature length movie. It has good moody black and white photography and successfully echoes the gritty New York police thrillers of the 1970s and 80s like “Report to the Commissioner” (1975) and “Prince of the City” (1981). “The Detective in New York” is an intriguing short that hopefully will be made into a satisfying thriller very soon.

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