The Devil of Kreuzberg (2015) – By Matthew Robinson

What would you do if you found out the love of your life was destined to kill you? “The Devil of Kreuzberg” asks this question in the frame of a young couple haunted by supernatural forces that threaten to tear them apart. Jakob (Ludwig Reuter) is having nightmares about his girlfriend Linda (Sandra Bourdonnec) is a demon trying to kill him. The visions become so powerful and frightening that he begins to convince himself that he must kill her in order to be free. This strategy is an actual possible reality due to his close friendship with Kurt (Suleyman Yuceer) a part-time hit man.

Director Alexander Bakshaev has obviously been inspired by the French new wave cinema. It seeps out of this film with the way it intentionally jump cuts, breaks the 180 line and isn’t afraid to break pacing in order to show a particularly creative shot. It’s all very well structured for the style.

The script is a tad disjointed at times, and despite it’s styling it doesn’t mask that there needed to be another rewrite or two with the script. Pippo Schund has the story credit for this film and while the concept is creative it doesn’t exactly do a good job of ever making us care about this young couple. Thankfully Sandra Bourdonnec is a talented enough actress to evoke sympathy via performance.

With a runtime of around forty minutes the film moves at a fairly brisk pace, though there is one scene in particular that seems to drag for an uncomfortable amount of time. This may have been intentional, but either way it was kind of an annoying diversion from the story.

In the end “The Devil of Kreuzverg” manages to be an entertaining short film, and even got a legitimate jolt out of me during one creepy scene. There is a lot of ideas and techniques being utilized in this product and while it at times feels a bit over saturated it still left quite the impression on me. It’s definitely worth the watch if you are looking for a different kind of thriller.

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