The Devil’s Bloody Playthings (2005) – By Brian Morton

 Today it’s pretty hard to capture the spirit of the old exploitation movies, after all, the golden age of exploitation was in the 70s and, in this day and age, it feels sometimes like we’ve seen it all. But, every once in a while a movie comes along that captures the spirit, even if it’s not exact, of those exploitation movies. That’s the kind of movie The Devil’s Bloody Playthings is.

The story here is pretty simple, when Karen moves to New York from South Africa, she starts by looking for an apartment. The trouble she runs into is named Christine. Christine takes in roommates and then videotapes them as she humiliates them. Using her own naivety and drugs and alcohol, Christine completely dominates Karen for her own purposes and while Christine isn’t exactly the most psychologically stable person in the city, Karen, while appearing normal has a psychotic break and begins killing people who drop into Christine’s apartment and in true exploitation fashion, the victim turns the tables and becomes the bigger monster than the monster.

The Devil’s Bloody Playthings may not be the perfect movie, but it’s a great tribute to the old grindhouse movies of old. In fact, it may even be considered exploitation the next generation! To check out The Devil’s Bloody Playthings for yourself drop on over to Alternative Cinema and check it out for yourself. And until next time when I’ll reveal that our beloved editor has been videotaping the whole staff here at Rogue Cinema as he humiliates us by making us watch Tom Cruise movies over and over, remember that the best movies are bad movies.