The Devil’s Plaything (1974) – By Brian Morton

In the 70s the Devil was HUGE! That’s right, in the horror movie world you just couldn’t find a bigger star. The Devil worked with the likes of Ernest Bourgnine, Peter Fonda and even Burgess Meredith. he might’ve even gotten an Oscar nod except for, you know, all the evil.

But, that aside, let’s talk about The Devil’s Plaything, which is honestly more of a vampire movie than a Devil movie, which makes sense since the original title was Vampire Ecstasy, and there is some ecstasy going on here!

The Devil’s Plaything is the story of a group of people in the secluded mountains of Germany, who are serving an evil vampire Baroness, Varga. The Baroness was put to death, but she vowed to one day return. Now with visitors of her own bloodline and her descendents of those who killed her all in the Castle, it’s time for the Baroness to be reborn. The weird thing about this movie is that it’s a pretty good, Hammer-like vampire movie, but, and here’s the difference, in order to control the wills of others, the vampires minions must dance topless! Yep, that’s right, and there’s a ton of topless dancing! And, the way the vampires are controlling the women is through their sex drive, so there’s a bunch of topless dancing and then some woman get aroused, and then, in order to become…uh…un-aroused, I guess, they have to do the bidding of the vampires. It’s all very confusing, but that’s also the way things were in the 70s.

It’s called The Devil’s Plaything and it’s out right now on DVD, or you can trot on over to for all the info you need to get this and a ton of other 70s "classics". So, until the next time, when I’ll be doing a topless dance hoping to get my neighbors to mow my grass for me, remember that the best movies are always bad movies!