The Dice Man (2013) – By Brian Morton

What would you give to change your luck? That’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another. But, what would you really give? That’s the question asked by a new movie from Alfie Hollingsworth and Dylan Bickerton – The Dice Man.

On a whim, a man buys an antique box with something inside. The proprietor of the shop can’t tell him what it is, so he buys it and takes it home. When the box is dropped, it turns out that inside is a single dice. The next morning, he gets a package with a cryptic message inside, and his luck has changed. Suddenly, with a roll of the dice, anything he wants is possible without really trying; from things as simple as finding change for the bus, up to getting that new job and a new girlfriend. The problem is, suddenly he can’t make any decisions for himself, and when the dice sends him on a deadly errand, he begins to unravel!

The Dice Man is a pretty interesting short. Asking moral questions about decisions we make and the consequences of leaving major life decisions to chance. The story is great, the acting is amazing and it’s a short that I’d love to see lengthened to find out where this dice comes from and how the curse is passed from one person to another! I’m giving The Dice Man 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a fun movie that will entertain you and make you do a bit of thinking!  Find out more right here.