The Dick Van Dyke Show Season 3 (1963-64) – By Jason S. Lockard

I was brought up on classic sitcoms of yesteryear and one of my favorites was The Dick Van Dyke Show and now thanks to Image Entertainment, I got a the extreme pleasure to see the complete third season on Blu-ray.

The Dick van Dyke show follows Robert Petrie (Van Dyke) the head comedy writer for the Allan Brady Show and his wisecracking co-writers Sally and Buddy. But laughs aren’t just at the office. At home Rob has to deal with his wife Laura (Mary Tyler Moore) and son Richie and the wacky next door neighbors The Helpers.

This Season contained 32 hilarious episodes. Some of the best were "That’s my boy?" about Rob’s fear that he brought home the wrong baby from the hospital, this featured the longest studio laugh in TV history it had to be cut down to be broadcast. "Big Max Calvada" A gangster gets Rob, Buddy and Sally to write a comedy routine for his nephew. "Allan Brady Presents" Rob and the gang perform sketches on a very special Christmas episode of The Allan Brady Show. "October Eve" a nude portrait of Laura is found in a New York gallery. “I‘d rather be bald but have know head at all” Rib thinks he is going bald and has a barber mix up a special concoction that sounds an awful lot like salad dressing. These are just some of the standouts, but every episode is good! You won’t find one bad one in the whole season!

Now these episodes are taken from the original 35mm prints and are in spectacular HD and if that wasn’t enough, let’s look at the bonus features! This Blu-Ray is jammed with great things including a full length episode of another classic TV show The Danny Thomas Show featuring Buddy himself. Mary Tyler Moore’s appearance on The Danny Kaye show, audio commentaries, promo spots, rehearsal footage, interviews and more.

So if your a fan of the classic TV as much as I am this one is for you! I highly recommend you head over to or your local DVD provider and pick this one up. You won’t regret it!

Moral Rating: Nothing Offensive
Audience: Family
Genre: Comedy
Length: Over 13 hours
Blu-Ray Released: 2013
Our Blu-Ray Rating: A+