The Dinosaur Experiment (2013) – By Philip Smolen

Abbi Whitecloud’s (Jana Mashonee) life could not be going any worse. First, her mother is mysteriously murdered by some vicious wild animal. Then, several months later, the truck her mother had bought from the sleazy mayor of Fossil Ridge turns out to be a lemon and strands her on the road. So Abbi’s forced to hitch a ride in order to get to her waitressing job. Later that night, several disparate groups of strangers show up at the restaurant, lost and without a place to stay. But no one is prepared when vicious meat eating dinosaurs attack and lay waste to everyone. It seems that one of the residents of Fossil Ridge has been breeding the beasties, and now they’ve gotten a taste for human barbecue. So unless Abbi and her group can figure a way to get out of town, the population of Fossil Ridge may soon be down to zero.

Did you ever go to the supermarket and find that the meat is on sale real cheap? Then when you get home, you check the freshness date and see that it expired a few days ago? But when you remove the wrapping and get a whiff of the spoiled meat, that’s when the disappointment really sets in. It’s the same with “The Dinosaur Experiment.” Last year this dino opus was released as “Raptor Ranch.” Now it’s been given a new fancy title and released again, but it’s still the same movie “Raptor Ranch” was, which wasn’t very good.

The movie uses very clichéd stupid characters that are not worth caring about. It also seems that as the movie progresses, the characters just act more insultingly stupid, until by the end, they can’t even hear the dinosaurs coming. The film even shamelessly copies scenes directly out of “Jurassic Park” (1993).

Unfortunately, not even the special effects are very good. They’re on a level with most of the movies that run on the Scy Fy channel. The CGI is ok, but not especially convincing. And the animatronic puppets don’t have the necessary fluidity that they need.

The bottom line is that if you’re a 12-year old boy and just want to see dinosaurs and some scantily clad girls, this movie might suffice. But if you like your dinosaur movies to have more intelligence, wit and drive, this is not the movie for you.

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