The Drifter (2015) – By Samantha Paradise

Scott Goldberg’s The Drifter presents like a familiar indie.  Ambient music accompanied by scenes of nature and dramatic close ups gently lead us down a recognizable road. The drab voice over of protagonist Michael is the perfect pairing to the films’ introduction. However, just as the audience is sure they’ve seen this movie many times before, Goldberg seriously zaps our Zen. The Drifter is a unique and unpredictable short film bound to entertain audiences.

Michael Roberts (Robert Leckington) is a man plagued by deep depression. He trudges through life finding little joy in work or sex and recounts these thoughts in recordings throughout the film.  Michael is haunted by a troubled past that manifests itself in nightmares. As Michael makes strides to move forward, the audience is encouraged to have sympathy for him. However, the final minute of The Drifter unleashes a twist that yet again, pulls the plug on predictability.

Although the content of The Drifter may be difficult to watch, the skilled cinematography makes this film an easy pill to swallow. Picturesque landscapes are paralleled with suffocating white walls. Robert Leckington shines as Michael in all of these scenes. With the skilled eye of Goldberg by his side, Leckington creates a character that can only be described as Charlie Brown gone bad….real bad. For those seeking a startle, you can check out The Drifter online at