The Elwood Killings: The Beginning (2012) – By Brian Morton

I have to admit to a real love of movies about ‘hill people’ families who kill the ‘city people’ that they come in contact with. Texas Chainsaw, Hills Have Eyes, Wrong Turn…I love them all. So, when the latest movie from One Cent Productions, The Elwood Killings: The Beginning, dropped into my box, it had my interest right from the start!

The story here is pretty familiar, a man and his son are driving to visit his parents, but, unfortunately for them, they’ve gotten lost. So, as any normal man would do, he stops and asks a local man for directions, and is given a ‘short cut’ through the woods….and I think you might guess the rest! Soon, they’re being hunted through the woods by a man in a burlap sack over his head!

Being that this is only ‘the beginning’, there’s really no end to this short…and I hope that means that there’s more coming soon! The One Cent Production crew has put together the beginning of a really cool horror movie in the vein of Chainsaw or Wrong Turn, and I can’t wait to see what direction they take it in!

I’m giving The Elwood Killings: The Beginning, 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s really cool to see what’s considered a ‘typical’ American genre done in another culture and it’s a movie that definitely deserves an ending!!! You can check out The Elwood Killings: The Beginning for yourself over at