The End of the Earth is My Home (2013) – By Misty Layne

The End of the Earth is My Home is a micro-budget sci-fi piece of work by Alan Lambert based on Asian stories of the Monkey-King that includes experimental elements. Shot in China, Japan, Egypt and Ireland, this work is an interesting one, no doubt but isn’t entirely coherent. It has a dreamy quality that’s fun to watch but at absolutely no point did I 100% know what was supposed to be going on. From what I did gather – there are 3 different time zones on earth. On the face of the planet is regular time, underneath the earth (for example in subway stations) is a different time and then there’s another in the sky. The differences in these time zones can actually be decades and there are people living in each zone. Whether everyone is aware of these different times or lands or whatever you’d like to call them, I’m not sure, but each one seems to be run by a different group of scientists and each one seems to have assassins.

One zone’s female assassin brings home a little boy who saw her off someone one day and is told to kill the giggling child but finds herself unable to do so. She asks instead if he can be kept around to do work and I think he is and I gathered he might be important. She eventually hooks up with an assassin from another zone and I think they fall in love. And then there’s a whole bunch of other people who come and go and I think the ending was that the different zones are going to become one? Yeah…the plot of this one is hard to follow.

Luckily, the film has an interesting look – a dream like glaze that entices you even when you’re unsure of what’s going on. It also has a very 80s feel to the cinematography. Whether that was intentional or not, I’m also unsure. There’s lots of neon lights and grainy footage going on. While this was shot in China, Japan, Egypt AND Ireland, the majority appears to be set in Asia and the only truly memorable thing I found here was a woman who repeated several times the line, “But how is he getting from one side of the city to the next in just 5 seconds??”, which was confusing because she seems to have been one of those scientist people who ran the zones so I would think she would understand how the weird time warping worked…Oh and see how that line I just wrote was kind of random and out of place? Yeah, that’s what watching this was like.

I didn’t see anything remarkable acting wise here (but neither did anyone just royally suck). The score was fun – again very 80s and electronica. The music is almost another character, another layer to the cinematography and is another element of fun that draws you in.

I imagine this could be an excellent film for the right kind of crowd and the right kind of people, unfortunately, that just wasn’t me. If experimental sci-fi based off Asian tales is your thing, then definitely check this one out. You can find out more at the movie’s website.