The Evil Dead: Ultimate Edition (2007) – By Brian Morton

 In case you didn’t notice, there’s yet another version of the classic movie, Evil Dead out on DVD, and, I know what you’re thinking, do we really need another version of this movie? Well, ordinarily, I would agree and say no, probably not, but on this occasion, Anchor Bay has put together a great package that offers something a bit different than anything you’ve had before!

First off, different from any of the other versions out that (that I’m aware of) this is a 3 disc set! The first disc offers the movie (here in a widescreen format) in all it’s gory glory. But also on disc 1 is a great documentary about the movie, from the beginning to the end, with interviews with most of the principles and fans of the movie, and, when I say fans, I mean people like Greg Nicotero (who worked on Part 2), Eli Roth and Edgar Wright (of Shaun Of The Dead fame). The only downside to this cool new doc is the very noticable absence of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

Disc two offers the movie again (this time in a full screen format for those of you who feel cheated by the lack of video at the top and bottom of the screen) and the extra here is called Treasures From The Cutting Room Floor, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s nearly an hour of outtakes, mistakes and alternate takes, all in the same order they would have appeared in the movie, some even without sound! It’s nice to see these behind the scenes glimpses, but it would have been a bit nicer with some narration to explain why some of these weren’t used.

The third disc is what hardcore fans of Evil Dead will really be buying the package for. It contains a ton of extras that have never been seen, featuring a new doc about the Ladies Of The Evil Dead. Apparently, none of the ladies embraced their horror movie fame until recently, and the doc talks to (and about) them, what they’ve been doing, how they got back into the horror world and generally getting to know, personally, these ladies who we’ve all known on screen. Then there’s the Ladies Of The Evil Dead Meet Bruce Campbell feature, this is a roundtable discussion with the ladies and Bruce, recalling the filming and generally telling stories about the movie, it’s a fun feature and you can really tell that these people genuinely like each other. The rest of this disc is fun too, featuring behind the scenes with the ladies at conventions, at a showing of the movie and some other pretty funny stuff. Oh, there’s also TV spots, trailers and the standard DVD stuff here too, but it’s really the docs that will have you buying this package.

Is The Evil Dead: Ultimate Edition worth your hard earned money? If you’re a fan, yes, it’s got everything you’ll want in a new edition of the movie. If you’re not a fan, yes still, this is one of the greatest horror movies of all time in a great format and will allow you to learn everything you ever wanted to know (and a few things you didn’t) about this classic movie! I’m giving The Evil Dead: Ultimate Edition four out of four cigars, because it’s a fanboys dream and a newcomers primer! You can grab one for yourself by heading over to the Anchor Bay web site. And kudos to the great people over at Anchor Bay for not just trotting out another tired version of this great movie, but putting in the time and effort to giving us fans a version that’s actually worth our hard earned money! So, until next time, when I’ll be sitting here, weeping over my copy of Evil Dead: Ultimate Edition, remember that the best movies are bad movies.