The Exit Door (2011) – By Brian Morton

Death and what’s beyond it is something that’s been contemplated by man since the dawn of time. Well, a new movie from Mathieu Lemee called The Exit Door.

The Exit Door is basically a short tale of four people who have killed themselves and now, each is in there own personal hell. We see them all and then we see why they’re there and what is happening to them. It’s a very effective way to explaining that solving a problem is always a better solution then harming yourself.

While it has the feel of a psa, The Exit Door is clearly more artistic than more psa’s that you’ve seen. And, while there’s no dialogue in the short at all, everything is very clear and you never wonder what’s going on!

I’m giving The Exit Door 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not a perfect movie, but it’s a very effective anti-suicide reel and it’s something that should be shown in schools and discussed with teens. While the short is currently on the festival circuit, you can check out Mathieu’s other work and find out where you can see The Exit Door for yourself by heading over to