The Eye 2 (2004) – By Mark Hite

Lately in horror movies, there seems to be a giant sucking sound from the East to Hollywood. Yes indeed, Asian cinema has provided American cinema with several blockbusters such as The Ring and The Grudge. Next on the list is a movie brought to you by Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang, Jian Gui or better known to us as The Eye. I figured before Renee Zellweger trounced the series with her over-acting, why not explore a frightening movie in it’s original form, The Eye 2.

Leaving the concept of the original movie far behind, The Eye 2 takes up a new format in the art of seeing of dead people. A young woman by the name of Joey (Qi Shu) finds herself in a dyer situation one day when her lover shuns her over the phone. When she decides to end it all by taking an overdose of pills, she wakes up to find herself with a new ability. Everywhere she goes, she finds herself surrounded by people no one else can see. It doesn’t take Joey too long to figure out, these people are not of the living sort.

To make matters worse, Joey finds herself with an unexpected bun in the oven. Although she decides to keep her baby, Joey starts to have increasingly terrifying visions of the dead surrounding her. One of which is a dark haired woman who she meets up with in a subway. Turns out this spirit takes a liking to her more than the others.

In a disturbing scene, Joey finds herself trapped in an elevator with a woman who is giving birth. During the birth, she witnesses a free floating spirit attempting to jump into the baby’s body. Realizing the spirits around her may have cruel intentions with her baby, she starts to avoid them at all costs. Questions such as what are these spirits, what is their intention with babies and who exactly were they in life will keep you going until the very end.

The Eye 2 raises the bar of horror providing plenty of disturbing images accompanied by wonderfully timed scares. The plot twists and turns until reaching the ultimate climax which many would describe as a jaw dropper. Just when you start to think something is true in the movie, things come forth in the plot that will change your mind quickly. The special effects are top notch and are bound to keep people up at night. The acting is superb and believable throughout the whole film as well.

The film nicely touches upon eastern spiritual philosophies which truly become the central hub of the script. However the film keeps it’s focus never getting too preachy. The directors obviously knew fans of the first film would be expecting new and exciting cinematic shivers. What they ended up with easily topped the scares of the first. The only problem with the film is the re-watch factor may not hold the same plot punch if viewed the second time. However, The Eye 2 is definitely a thriller movie that has made it’s own legacy.

It is apparent why America is digging Asian cinema. They know lately how to provide a good old fashioned scary film without going over the top with certain elements. Who knows, in time maybe Asian horror will dry up leaving us on a search for new entertainment. However for now, they seem to be supplying terror the way Americans used to do it. Who would have thought?