The Face of Death (2009) – By Brian Morton

If you haven’t been reading my reviews here in RC, then you probably missed any number of movies by David Moore. David is an indie filmmaker in Kansas City who has a passion for action movies. He created a vigilante character, Eric Snipes, who’s been in a string of movies made by Moore, the latest of which, The Face of Death, bring Snipes his biggest and best story to date.

Eric Snipes is the best at what he does, and that’s bringing in the bad guys who the cops can’t touch for whatever reason. When the Feds turn to Eric to take down a child pornographer, Eric calls in a team of people who he’s dealt with in the past, each with a different talent, all banded together to take down the bad guys.

Now, while The Face of Death is Moore’s most ambitious movie yet, it’s also something more of the same, just bigger. The story is very straight ahead, good vs. evil, with very little else here. Moore attempts to build his characters a bit deeper here, especially the female characters, but with very few exceptions, they all seem to fall a bit flat. Now, I’m not bashing David here, after all, few filmmakers would take on a cast this size with a budget this low, which is really a tribute to Moore and the people he works with. As always, David’s choice of music is impeccable and the story is good, just in need of a bit more polish. I’m giving The Face of Death 3 out of 4 cigars, and it’s one of those few movies that you can check out for yourself by heading over to