The Fairy (2011) – By Duane L. Martin

Dom is a lonely man whose day to day life is boring and dreary to say the least. He works alone at night in a smal hotel in Le Havre, and doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of luck in life. Even his bicycle chain won’t cooperate with him. Things change for him however once fateful night, when Fiona checks into the hotel. When she walks through the door, she introduces herself and tells him that she’s a fairy, and she’s granting him three wishes. He doesn’t believe her, but when she presses him for his first wish, he says he’d like a scooter. His second wish, free gas for life. Third wish…he doesn’t know what he wants, so he doesn’t make it.

Lo and behold, the next day a shiny new blue scooter is waiting for him in the lobby, and sure enough, Fiona had arranged for him to have access to free gas via a huge gasoline tank in a storage facility. A whirlwind romance develops between the two, but after a night of skinny dipping in the sea, Fiona disappears. Now Dom has to find her, and rescue her from the mental hospital where she’s being held. Another complication arises however, when she suddenly becomes about nine months pregnant. Now the happy couple have a baby, and even more problems.

The Fairy is a French romantic comedy with a slapstick element to it. If you’ve ever seen French films, then you know they can be very visually appealing, but also very weird. This one is exactly that. Visually beautiful and full of wonderful, quirky characters, but also rather strange in an endearing and entertaining way.

While the slapstick aspects of this film are fun, it’s really the quirkiness of the characters that make it shine. Aside from the main characters, the supporting characters really fleshed out this film and made it fun. Three black guys who lived in a crappy car down at the beach, an American tourist who didn’t really speack French and snuck his dog into the hotel in his suitcase and a nearsighted pub owner with very thick glasses and who was probably the funniest charcter in the whole film, are just a few of the characters who create this wonderful setting that you enjoy being in, even if only for a short time.

I think the nicest thing for me about this film is that you genuinely like the characters and enjoy watching them and being a part of their world. In some strange way, I think we can all identify with one or more of the characters in the film, whether they be lonely, quirky, crazy, or whatever. That’s what really sets this film apart from so many others. The characters all have their own distinct quirks and personalities, and you can tell that a lot of thought was put into not only the personalities of the characters, but also how they fit into the grand scheme of the film. Each character is like a piece of a puzzle, that when assembled, paint a complete picture that you could stare at for hours and hours.

As nice and entertaining as this film is, it’s not without its minor problems. There are a few bits that are a little confusing, and there are other scenes that feel a little slow, and like they’re dragging. For example, there are a couple of scenes that involve a really slow dance between Dom and Fiona, that while visually interesting and well done, are just overly slow.

Long story short, this is a film that will make you smile, and leave you feeling good long after it’s over. I really can’t recommend it enough.

While the quality of the blu-ray both visually and sound-wise are excellent (as it is on everything Kino Lorber releases), the disc boasts very little in the line of special features, only giving us the theatrical trailer and a stills gallery. In a film like this, with so many slapstick elements to it, I would have loved to have seen a blooper reel or some behind the scenes featurettes, but you can’t add something to a disc that doesn’t exist, so this isn’t Kino’s fault, but it sure would have been nice to have some fun extras to enjoy after the film.

Regardless, do yourself a big favor and pick yourself up a copy of this one. It’s a wonderful film to watch with someone you love, and can be enjoyed by anyone with a good heart and a sense of humor.

If you’d like to find out more about this film, you can check out its page on the Kino Lorber website here, and pick yourself up a copy of the blu-ray or DVD from Amazon or any of the other usual outlets.