The Fate of Phoenix (2011) – By Brian Morton

When I heard that I was going to be seeing a short about a guy who died over and over again…my first thought was about Kenny of South Park, and I couldn’t really imagine enjoying a ‘one joke’ movie. But, when I finally sat down with Shain Gillette’s The Fate of Phoenix, I couldn’t have been more wrong or more pleasantly surprised!

Patrick Phoenix dies every day, in a different way. He’s grown so used to it that, by now, he’s just not worried about it any more. He lives through the day, dies and then begins again tomorrow. And, each day, he sees the same people, but they’re not the same. One day the corner hooker is a shelter worker, the next she’s someone’s girlfriend…each day, the same person, but a different persona. Finally, Patrick decides that he should just live his life, and not worry about how or when he’ll die that day….and suddenly things change.

Gillette has taken what might be perceived as a ‘one note’ movie, and given it a depth that you might not think about. What would you do if you died every day….it’s just a different way to say ‘live each day as if it were your last’, a good philosophy that most of us don’t live by. Once Patrick decides to just enjoy his life, his pattern changes….it’s as if Gillette is trying to tell us to enjoy ourselves now, because you never know which day will be you last!

I’m giving The Fate of Phoenix 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s well put together, the acting is sharp and the message is clear without being a mallet that beats you over the head. If you enjoy good sci-fi, then The Fate of Phoenix is a movie that you’ll really enjoy! Head over to to see what you’ve been missing!