The Feed (2013) – By Misty Layne

It seems to be the era of dystopian cyber punk cinema because I think The Feed is the third film in the past 6 months I’ve seen that’s dealt with the advancement of technology and its various negative effects on the human race. Here’s what the website has to say about the film: Advancements in computer science and biotechnology have made the unthinkable possible: human brains running on hard drives inside our heads. With the help of this simple surgical procedure, the human mind is capable of light-speed processing, instant telecommunication around the world, and unlimited access to all known data through their wireless virtual network, The Feed. No one seems to have any problem with the world as it is, except, strangely, for Dr. Tobin, a man responsible for performing such procedures.

Only clocking in at fifteen minutes, The Feed, does a not bad at all job of capturing just what has gone wrong with the human race in their quest for perfection and technological advancement. We open on a doctor visiting a patient with each having a small hub on their face near their ear. We see shots that show us what these people are seeing and quickly realize this hub is showing them the latest news, weather, social media updates, and so on and so forth…at least one of these people is seeing all of this information – the patient seems to have a broken hub. The doctor interacts with the patient, asking him odd questions and it’s easy to see something is off here but before we can fully catch what it is, the doctor is called away by a nurse who seem much more robot than human (although human she is). We then meet a young girl who is there to get her hub, a young girl who is terrified at the thought of getting a new brain.

This short is touching and raises some valuable questions about how far we as a society are willing to go in our quest for the future but unfortunately there’s nothing here that hasn’t been done before. While it’s done well, particularly the end of the film and the last shining moment, there’s nothing new – not even the feed itself. But maybe this should be viewed as more of a family drama rather than a sci-fi film-in that regard it holds up much better and overall moves the viewer more.

The set and scenery is very well done for such lo-budget and everything looks aces here. The shots are lovely and the actors (particularly the young girl and doctor) are wonderful. I think one of my biggest issues here is that I’m pretty sure I’m caring about the wrong characters – instead of the first patient and the doctor, I’m much more interested in the second patient, the young girl. The doctor and first patient seem like they should be much more of the background story instead of such a focus and maybe in a longer format that would be worked in and improve upon the story here.

This is certainly not a terrible film by any means and if you’re into the current craze of cyber punk and body modification and technology gone awry, you should check The Feed out. To learn more about the movie and director/writer, Benjamin Berger, check out Benjamin’s website. You can also find out more at about Benjamin and his work on Facebook, Vimeo and Linkedin.