The Fly: Outbreak (2015) – By Jason S. Lockard


Movie fanatics of the 80’s will always remember David Cronenberg’s gross out sci-fi/horror classic “The Fly” a few short years later came The Fly II. But what happened to The Trilogy? Fly fanatics rejoice The trilogy has been completed thanks to the fine folks at IDW Publishing.

The Fly Outbreak is a five issue mini-series that takes place directly after the events of The Fly II. After Martin Brendle seemed to find a cure even though it was at the expense of the evil Anton Bartok. Now Martin and Beth seem to have a happy existence as husband and wife, but Martin in his research inadvertently causing a  transgenic outbreak while attempting to cure Anton Bartok.

What follows is a page turning thrilling comic sequel. The book is 120 pages long. The story and art work so well together it’s just a perfect continuation to the film series and leaves things open for another ‘possible’ book.

I must warn the readers that this comic book series is for mature audiences only. The language and situations are very adult, but there again if you watched the films you already know what your in for.

So if you loved the Cronenberg Fly movie and it’s sequel continue the story in this new book from IDW Publishing. Head over to

Moral Rating: Violence, Adult language and sexual content
Audience: Mature audiences only
Genre: Sci-fi / horror
Released: 2015
Our Rating: A