The Frankenstein Institute for Science and Horror Recruitment Letter – By Danny

The Frankenstein Institute for Science and Horror is proud you are
considering a degree from our institute. For more than 150 years, we
have been corrupting the minds of brilliant individuals. Dr. Victor Von
Frankenstein left him his ancestral home in central Europe due to a
tragic disagreement with a number of peasants to establish a college
where profound questions of science could be explored without fear of
torch-waving mobs looting his castle. We build tomorrow’s MAD

The Frankenstein Institute for Science and
Horror is also proud to announce we have credit transfer agreement with
Miskatonic University, Mad Scientist Vocational Community College, and
Evil Overlord University for students seeking a more peaceful and
serene campus for you to conduct your experiments and pursue an
advanced degree.

These are just some of our professors. The ones we were able to pry away from their research for a few minutes.

Dr Tania Frankenstein with her unique view of ethics concerning test subjects is always a popular class among freshmen.

Dr Herbert West is our current President and one of the chief proponents of reanimating the dead.

Dr. Anton Phibes is the world famous expert on hideously complicate plots on revenge.

Dr Peter Blood teaches classes in anesthesia and the proper use of curare.

Dr. Paul Carruthers is a true pioneer in the field of growing and controlling giant mammals.
Maria Frankenstein will teach you how to roll your "R’s" and how to say
"Igorrrrrrrr" properly. She is one of the profound experts on not being
laughed at for wearing a funny hat, too.

Testimonials from our students:

Otto Octavius – "The cybernetics research will beneficial to my
research into atomic physics. I will always look back fondly as an
alumnus, one of the Fighting Brains"

Victor Von Doom – "After suffering a terrible lab experiment, the
Frankenstein Institute for Science and Horror was able to help me plot
a course of study to enable me to graduate with my doctorate and of
course plot my revenge against those that wronged me, too."
Giggles – "I felt I wasn’t being challenged enough at Mad Scientist
Vocational Community College. I’ve learned the importance of proper
quips as I experiment with living subjects. BWA-Ha-ha…"

number of companies including Rekal Incorporated, Pharmacom, Cyberdyne,
Weyland Yutani Corporation, Omni Consumer Products, and LexCorp have
donated equipment and established numerous endowments for the student

We don’t just offer classes towards a medical deviancy
(MD) degree. We also offer a variety of classes to help you towards
becoming a true mad scientist. Advanced classes in mechanical
engineering and electronics will help you create advanced killer robots
and parts for your cyborg armies. More than just science, we offer
economic classes for you to maximize your inheritances, trust funds,
and patents to afford a truly fearsome mad scientist laboratory to
inspire awe. Some of our most popular elective classes are:

"Tampering in God’s domain."
"How to fortify your castle against unruly peasants."
"So you’ve accidentally killed someone and need a body for an experiment."
"How to treat your unholy monstrous spawn kindly."
"Never try to romance anyone who is involved with the police or a newspaper."
"Suffer not an odious comedic sidekick of the hero to live."
"How to finance your vile experiments that serve absolutely no sane purpose."
"How to afford that large creepy mansion on the top of a hill."

graduates leave to work on personal projects. However, due to some
unforeseen recent incidents, a large number of faculty turnovers have a
number of opportunities for bright graduates to continue their academic
careers with us as we mold the next generation of mad scientists.

Frankenstein Institute for Science and Horror is the finest
conservatively-evil and liberally-evil college. Our caring and learned
professors will impart to you the knowledge to unleash your unholy
vengeance on those that slighted you and the knowledge to advance your
whims upon the world. The field of world domination is very stressful
and demanding. It requires every edge possible. We are that edge to
enable you to fulfill your career plans.


Dr. Herbert West

Interim President and Department Chair of Necro-Resurrection