The Frenzy Way (2010) – By Brian Morton

I consider myself a fan of Greg Lamberson. His movies are always fun, but he really shines with his books! In fact, his books are like movies that don’t need to raise a budget, because it’s all there on the page. Greg’s latest is a tale of cops and werewolves called The Frenzy Way and it may be the best book I’ve read all year!

Anthony Mace is an NYPD detective who’s famous for taking down an infamous serial killer. When people begin turning up, not just dead, but ripped to pieces, Mace is assigned to oversee the case. Soon, it becomes apparent that whoever is killing people believes that they’re a werewolf and Mace is now up against a lunar cycle to stop whoever is killing people and attempting to cause a citywide panic.

Now, that’s the basic premise of The Frenzy Way, but it’s in no way the total picture. Lamberson weaves Native American folklore into the tale to make werewolves totally believable and up to date. There’s no ‘wolf man’ here, this is all done in a modern and very original way! The characters are great, good guys and bad guys are all well drawn and, calling this book a page turner doesn’t do it justice. I picked up The Frenzy Way on a Thursday and put aside everything else until I finished it, it’s totally engrossing, engaging and keeps you on the edge of your chair! In fact, I found myself wishing that someone would option this book and make a big budget movie out of The Frenzy Way!

I’m giving The Frenzy Way 4 out of 4 cigars, because I can’t give it 5! Do yourself a favor and head over to and get yourself a copy today!!!