The Furfangs 2 – Too Angry and Too Furry! (2010) – By Duane L. Martin

I’ve reviewed Andrea Riccs’s shorts in the past. He’s an Italian film maker who makes these great shorts that incorporate fun CGI into short films with little to no dialogue. This time around, he’s released a sequel to The Furfangs. Yes, the little guys are back, and causing lots more trouble.

For those who aren’t familiar with his films or who didn’t read my review of the original, the Furfangs are little aliens that look a lot like the little beasties in the movie Critters. This time around, a new batch of them crash lands into the same guy’s roof that the original batch did, and they’re messing with him again. I don’t know why they’re trying to kill him, but needless to say, he’s not taking it laying down. He fights back, and deals with them in a variety of ways. Electrocution, tossing one in a washing machine and turning it on, lighting one on fire on his gas range, etc….

Andrea’s films are always fun, and this one’s no exception. The little critters running around attacking the guy and his efforts to fight back make for a fun and enjoyable little four minute short that’s sure to have you smiling.

I said in a previous review of one of Andrea’s films that he’s really found his niche with these shorts, and this latest one simply proves that fact once again. He’s really great at making these fun little shorts, and I look forward to seeing what he comes out with next!

You can check out Andrea’s shorts on his website at Definitely take the time to check them out.