The Gambit (2014) – By Misty Layne

The Gambit is a new webseries from Hisonni Johnson whose previous works include Fight Night Legacy and Olympia. So far only two episodes are available on Youtube but it looks like a third is forthcoming. It’s a simple concept of bad cops versus good cops but with the first two episodes, it’s hard to say really who the good or bad guys are.

The first episode starts with two janitors working the night shift at a sports arena. Both have criminal pasts and one announces that he is going to be a father. The two are clearly close and after having smoked a joint together, they split up to work. Next comes along the night security guard who is cooler than most as she asks them to save her some of the weed. Then we jump right into the action as a group of men and one woman enter the building in full combat gear and with weapons and C4 and start securing the building – setting up explosives at various points and rounding up all the night crew they can find. Besides the other hostages, they have one special hostage named Sky – the police chief’s daughter.

Episode two starts off immediately where the first left off with the man in charge of the armed men, Roman making sure the police chief is aware that his daughter has been kidnapped. Here we get a bit of the backstory where apparently Roman and his crew have taken the fall for other cops who were actually dirty and we find that this taking of the arena and kidnapping of Sky are a desperate gambit to clear all their names. As tensions mount, certain hostages realize they have a history and the police chief realizes he’s in over his head not just with Roman but with the appearance of Internal Affairs.

We’ve got a group of fine actors here, each playing their parts to perfection and a tight script and exciting storyline. So how will it all end? Will the gambit pay off? Only time will tell and I, for one, cannot wait to see what the next episode holds. The story immediately pulled me in with its no holds barred approach and I already care enough about certain characters to want to see if they make it through this. This, my friends, is web series making at its finest.

You can watch The Gambit yourself by visiting Youtube and you can learn more by visiting the film production company’s website.