The Gaskettes (2012) – By Paul Busetti


The Gaskettes is a hard charging documentary about a group of Los Angeles women who decide to form an all girl moped gang.  It’s an adrenaline shot of music, roaring engines, and red lipstick. Formed after a night of heavy drinking, the film follows the gang as they prepare for their inaugural ride on Valentine’s Day. Similar to the members of the Ramones, the girls have all taken the surname of Gaskette (i.e. Sarah Gaskette, who rides her moped in a tutu and standard issue gold jacket) and are unified by their mutual adoration for the traditionally male adolescent means of transportation. They attempt to articulate their passion but it simply comes down to a universal desire to ride fast and look killer doing it.

Director Jason House has a history of commercial work and it shows with the film’s stylish visuals, smart editing, and breathtaking pace. The film juxtaposes aloof interviews with the girls at their homes with shots of them racing down LA streets, turning heads of curious onlookers.

The short, which has been playing film festivals since its release, is similar to the kind of work Vice has been doing. Fast and furious documentaries targeting a subculture. Never getting too close or trying to create false drama. It gets in and gets out, leaving you with a crush on everyone involved. It is a perfect festival short and I feel sorry for any film that had to follow it.

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