The Giant Scorpion (2016) – By Philip Smolen


Inside a stylish villa, a young Italian beauty (Ilaria Lamberti) sleeps soundly after reading an old issue of Fangoria magazine. Outside, a small scorpion prowls the neighborhood looking for a meal. Suddenly, a meteor slams into the sidewalk, apparently crushing the scorpion. But moments later, the arachnid emerges from the radioactive debris and starts to grow and grow. Now the scorpion is really hungry and it wants a much larger meal. Climbing through an open window, the man-sized creature spots the sleeping Lamberti and believes that it has found its dinner. But the nimble Bella Donna will prove to be the last meal that the monster will ever chase after.

One thing that never seems to change are the short movies of Italian filmmaker Andrea Ricca. Year after year, this sci-fi movie fan continues to make brief cinematic excursions that revisit the themes of the classic sci-fi films he grew up falling in love with as a boy. His movies rarely have a budget and he does all of his own CGI himself (which are very impressive). “The Giant Scorpion” continues this tradition and like many of his other films (including “The Spooky Ghost” [2013] and “Aliens Night” [2014]) it consists of two elements: a pretty woman and a ferocious monster.

Ricca’s flicks are always lively and fun and “The Giant Scorpion” is no exception. It’s only four minutes long so you can forget about characterization, subtlety and even dialogue. Action is the key as the giant arachnid chases Lamberti around her home. Ricca gives the creature very naturalistic movements and he infuses it with a surprising amount of energy. Lamberti is quite fetching as the potential meal, but it’s clear that it was difficult for her to properly emote to nothing at all while Ricca was filming. Taken at its intended level, “The Giant Scorpion”, like all of Andrea Ricca’s flicks, is clever and diverting, even though his cinematic formula is starting to show signs of wear and tear.

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