The Girl at the End of the World (2013) – By Brian Morton

End of the world stories are getting to be pretty mundane. We’ve all seen them, the world ends, either zombies or crazy people rise up and the normal people have to fight for survival. So, when I saw that The Girl at the End of the World from Dervan Productions was about a couple at the end of the world, I braced myself for blood, gore and violence. Instead, I got a lovely little love story that didn’t involve zombies in any way!!

It all begins with Dan and Katie, he’s in Ireland and she’s in California, but they’ve struck up a long distance romance over the internet. It’s getting pretty serious; Dan even has tickets to fly to California to finally meet his soul mate face to face, when power goes out all over the world. So, what’s a guy to do? Just sit tight and hope that things right themselves, or try to get to your one true love? Well, Dan grabs a bike, heads to the ocean and looks for a boat! Meanwhile, Katie is wondering if she should head toward Dan or just sit tight also…the complication comes when Katie’s friend, Sam, also professes his love for her. So, is Katie going to wait for Dan or will she settle for Sam? And will the power ever come back on, or is this the way the world will be forever? All good questions and all are answered in the end.

The Girl at the End of the World isn’t anything like what I expected! It’s a very cool romantic comedy, which just happens to be set during a semi-apocalyptic time. It’s funny, interesting and never once did I find my mind wandering…which can happen to me during romantic comedies! I’m giving The Girl at the End of the World 4 out of 4 cigars, its quick witted and clever throughout, the acting is great and it will make you look forward to the oncoming apocalypse! Find out more and see this great movie for yourself by heading over to