The Girl Who Could Run 600 Miles Per Hour (2006) – By Brian Morton

 Belief is a powerful thing, belief in religion, belief in others, but the most powerful belief that we can have is belief in ourselves. That’s the message of the short film by Mark Thimijan, The Girl Who Could Run 600 Miles Per Hour.

This is the story of your typical office cubical worker, same routine day in and day out, every day just the same. As he walks to work each morning the same large bully walks directly at him and forces him to back down or change directions. When he’s at work the same girl, who he has a crush on, takes all the coffee and then shoots him down. When, one day as he’s lost his step moving away from his bully, he finds a paper in the garbage with an advertisement for a show featuring a girl who can run 600 miles per hour. So, that weekend, our cubical hero travels to a rural high school where the show will take place and there, things change for him, forever.

The Girl Who Could Run 600 Miles Per Hour is a wonderful short about believing in yourself and what is possible when you believe in yourself and in others. I have to admit to watching it more than once because…and I hate to use this term, but here goes…it’s just a feel good movie. The Girl Who Could Run 600 Miles Per Hour is a great movie, the acting is excellent, the look of the film is very good and the story is top notch! If you’re a fan of short films, this is one of the best I’ve seen in quite some time. If you don’t believe in me and want to see it for yourself, then run over to 600 and find out how to get a copy for yourself! And, until next time when I’ll express a belief in the gods of the B movies, remember that the best movies are bad movies.