The Gran’ Scam of Things (2010) – By Duane L. Martin

Judy Weiss (Hillary Banks) is a busy real estate agent and just doesn’t have time for her technilogically challenged grandmother Gladys (Anita Borcia). So, rather than sitting on the phone with her for hours on end trying to explain to her every little step involved between turning on her computer and checking her e-mail, she wrote up a nice instruction sheet and tagged every piece of equipment so her grandmother could figure it out easily. So when she asked her grandmother over the phone if she got her e-mail, Gladys sets off on a mission to follow all the instructions so she can check her e-mail. What she found in her e-mail box however, set off a chain of events that no one ever expected. See, she got an e-mail from Osagioduwa Williamson (Michael London). What was the e-mail? It was one of those Nigerian bank scams. You know, the ones that no one but the most naieve people in the world could possibly fall for? Well, that’s our Gladys.

The film takes us from the beginning all the way through Gladys’ experiences of trying to wire Osagioduwa money and the FBI investigating the whole thing secretly while she does it in an effort to bust the scammers, all the way through to the happy ending. All in a mere fifteen minute running time.

So how was it? Well, to put it simply, I LOVED this film, and my wife, who watched it with me, felt exactly the same way. There’s a really nice sense of innocence to this film that you don’t see too often, and it was fun from start to finish. What I found probably the most hilarious though were the fantasy scenes of Osagioduwa peeking around the side of a door on a sandy beach and then emerging with this giant 16 million dollar check and a big friendly smile on his face.

The acting in the film was great all around. Anita Borcia as Gladys was excellent and really did the whole technologically inexperienced naieve grandma bit perfectly. Someone else who struck me as being especially good was Cole Baker as the bank employee who she went to to process her money transfer. He just couldn’t believe what he was hearing and was going to try to save her from herself until FBI agent Richard Red (John Albert Harvey) instructed them to go ahead with the transfer.

As for the technicals, this film is very professional in both appearance and sound. The camera work is excellent, as is the visual quality, and the sound was recorded extremely well and mixed in beautifully. The editing moved the movie along at just the perfect pace, and the film is neither too long, nor too short for its story. All in all, the film’s writer and director, Leor Baum, in my opinion, couldn’t have possibly done a better job of crafting this film or its story. It’s just so much fun, and if you have any chance at all to see it, jump on it. You won’t regret it.

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