The Green Archer (1940) – By Jason S. Lockard

Movie serials were just special added attractions to movie goers! They were 15 minute mini-movies filled with action and adventure that played in between a double feature at the theaters. They always ended with in a cliffhanger and they gave kids and adults a reason to come back to the theater week after week. One of those serials was The Green Archer! Now thanks to Restored Serials Super Restoration Corp. You can relive adventures of yesteryear in high definition.

The story is based on Edgar Wallace’s 1923 novel of the same name and is about the ghost of the legendary Green Archer that prowls the corridors of Garr Castle! After the disappearance of a young lady named Elaine, detective Spike Holland (played perfectly by Victor Jory) is hired to investigate. His search leads him to the castle and a confrontation with the sinister Abel Bellamy who has turned the castle into the headquarters for his gang of crooks.

This is a pretty amazing release! The serials look better than I’ve ever seen. Not only do you get all 15 episodes of this serial in HD, but bonus features include; a trailer, an interview with Victor Jory. A bonus CD has lobby cards for the serials and a 384 page script for the lost film 1928’s Terrible People.

So if you love the old serials as much as I do, what are you waiting for head over to you can pick this restored classic on blu-ray! Your not going to find a better looking version of this classic anywhere else! It’s a steal.

Moral Rating: nothing offensive
Audience: may be a little scary for small children
Genre: Adventure
Length: 300 minutes
Blu-ray Released: 2009
Blu-Ray Rating: A