The Horror Show (1989) – By Brian Morton

Alright I’ll admit it, I LOVED the 80s. That’s right, Loved! Why? Well, what’s not to love about the decade that gave us Freddy Krueger, Jason, A Flock Of Seagulls and those cool parachute pants? And yes, we all had parachute pants in the 80s, if you didn’t you just weren’t cool. Parachute pants were to the 80s what bell-bottoms were to the 70s. Well, there was one other thing about the 80s that also make it my favorite decade of all time, and that’s the spate of truly crappy horror movies that all made it into theaters. If you were a teenager in the 80s it seemed that each weekend brought a new horror movie to attend…and attend I did.

And through it all, I fell in love with one actor…Lance Henrickson. Not that weird kind of love, but true guy love. Lance could do anything, he fought the law in Stone Cold with Brian Bonsall as the tough biker, Chains. He helped fight Arnold in the original Terminator. And don’t forget, he was the android in Aliens, what’s not to like about this guy?

In The Horror Show, Lance is a cop who’s just put away a maniac killer. This killer has become Lance’s obsession, to the point of a near breakdown. Now, once the killer is electrocuted, you’d think Lance would be all right, but then, if that was the case, this wouldn’t be a 80s horror movie, would it? The killer has apparently spent years building up an immunity to electricity and had gained the power to become pure electricity, so when he’s electrocuted he merely goes into the wall socket and begins stalking Lance and his family.

The Horror Show is your quintessential 80s horror movie, it’s got the ‘rocker’ teen boy, the teenage girl who rebels against her parents by inviting her boyfriend into the house while they’re gone and it’s got one of the 80s best B movie bad guys, Brion James, add Lance Henrickson to this mix and you’ve got yourself a pretty good movie, not a great movie, just pretty good. The Horror Show is one of those movies that would go direct to video today, but I remember seeing this in the theatre ‘back in the day’ as they say. But, if you’re looking for a blast of nostalgia, then this might be the movie for you. And until next time, remember in the 80s we didn’t all have those ‘Flock Of Seagulls’ haircuts, some of us had a stripe dyed into our hair, and remember that the best movies are bad movies.