The Hostile Takeover (2011) – By Brian Morton

I’ll admit to being a huge fan of blaxploitation movies, but it seems that it’s a genre that’s dying. Well, Jay Davis is about to change all that with The Hostile Takeover, a fun movie and a truly unique ‘blaxploitation’ movie too!

The movie centers on Jay, a down on his luck pizza delivery guy who just happens to be dating the daughter of a local crime lord. The cops don’t know what Jay’s connection is to the crime lord, but have him on a list of ‘known suspects’. For his part, Jay is just trying to live his life and be happy, it just seems like everything and everyone is working against him! As the movie unfolds, poor Jay is sucked into the worst crime war that the city has ever seen, and all this after he’s discovered that his girlfriend is cheating on him! Let’s just say it’s not Jay’s best day. Can Jay and his friends come out happily and safely on the other side of a war between dueling crime families and the cops? I guess you’ll just have to check it out for yourself to find out.

The Hostile Takeover is an absolutely fun movie. There’s no moral to the story, it’s just a cool, fun story…and that’s why I like it. Jay is a nice guy that you’d like to hang around with…unless he’s involved in trouble. There’s action, there’s laughs and there’s a female dwarf pimp that really steals every scene that she’s in…even when she’s stuffed into a duffel bag! I’m giving The Hostile Takeover 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not a perfect movie, and there were a couple of times that I felt that it was dragging a bit, but overall, it’s a fun popcorn movie that will have you laughing most of the time! Find out more over at