The Hounds (2011) – By Jason S. Lockard

I recently received from MVD a copy of the newly released DVD of an award winning independent horror film entitled The Hounds and needless to say I was excited to check this one out!

The story of The Hounds follows four friends Sarah (Maddie Moate), Jake (David Drew), Dave (Paul Tonkin) and Martin (John Doughty) from a local pub to the woods where they decide to go camping for the weekend. While in the woods they make a discovery of a body buried. We than see Mike (Andy Callaghan) a police officer that is investigating a case seems to have something to do with the four. The twist at the end of the film is something I didn’t see coming! Which was a bit of a treat, but getting there is a little tiresome for me.

The acting is not bad, but the cinematography and editing is the best part. Is this a film I would watch again? Probably not, but it’s worth one viewing anyway! The DVD also features a music video: House of Noises – "Loser".

So if you’d like to check out this independent award winning horror film, head over to and find out how you can get your copy today!

Moral Rating: violence, gore, adult situations and profanity.
Audience: adults
Genre: horror
Length: 92 Minutes
DVD Rating: B-