The Howling Reborn (2011) – By Brian Morton

In the 80s there were only two real werewolf movies that were worth your time, one was An American Werewolf In London, the other was The Howling. While I enjoyed both, I always leaned a bit more toward The Howling, so you can imagine my excitement to find out that the franchise was being rebooted…after several terrible sequels.

In The Howling Reborn (from Anchor Bay on October 18th), a nerdy high school student is about to graduate. He’s turning 18 and is starting to feel like life holds something more for him. So, when a girl he’s had a crush on invites him to a strange underground party, off he goes. But, when a creature attacks the party, he barely escapes with his life, and now, he’s convinced that after being scratched, that he might actually be a werewolf….which everyone he tells thinks is utterly ridiculous!

The nice thing about The Howling Reborn is that you don’t really have to be familiar with the franchise to enjoy it, it’s a stand-alone monster movie that’s well worth your while. The story is good, the acting is great and it’s a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon! I’m giving The Howling Reborn 3 1/2 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, the monsters look a bit ‘rubbery’ and some of the effects look computer generated…but, if you like a good monster movie, then you’ll like The Howling Reborn. Howl at the moon for yourself by heading over to