The Interview (2012) – By Duane L. Martin

Recently I was contacted by Jennifer Prettyman about her new short film, The Interview. I went into it not really knowing what the film was about other than that it was a short comedy. This was actually a good thing, because it totally added to the shock value of what I saw.

We’re presented with two women who are running a series if interviews with various men. The first guy that come’s in is a total hippie. He sings all his answers and smells of patchoulli oil. This guy is absolutely hilarious. I mean, he’s really kind of shockingly hilarious because you’re not really expecting a guy like him to walk into an interview, and he really played it to the hilt.

The net guy to come in was an older guy who thought he was there for Kama Sutra lessions for seniors. This one was ok, but didn’t have the shock value of the first interviewee.

Picking back up the shock value with a vengeance, the next guy that came in was lean and tight and reminded me of a younger, better looking Danny Bonnaduce for whatever reason. Anyway, this guy wanted them to call him Chief, and in no time he was stripped down to his leopardskin speedos. This guy was absolutely hilarious. I love the character, and honestly I think it’d be beyond funny to build a whole film around him and the hippie guy.

The last guy was a young farm kid who seemed pretty normal when he walked in. Yeah…he seemed normal.  That didn’t last long.

I can’t reveal how the film ended up because it would kind of ruin what comes before. Suffice it to say, this is an incredibly entertaining and often hilarious short with a really cute ending. It’s very well made, the acting is excellent, and it moves along at a perfect pace for the story.

If you get a chance to check out the film, make it a point to do it. It packs a whole lot of fun into just eight minutes. I love good comedy, and this is one that’s genuinely entertaining and funny.