The Invoking (2013) – By Jason S. Lockard

There is something eerie about the woods at night! Not knowing what might be lurking behind the trees. Originally entitled Sader Ridge RLJ Entertainment and Image Entertainment now brings us the DVD release of The Invoking!

The film follows Sam Harris a young lady who was brought up by a foster family! She find out she has inherited a house from her real aunt. Sam begins seeing things that she can’t tell if it is real or just imagination. She begins to feel as evil closing in. With this claustrophobia will Sam ever live happily ever after or will the evil consume her. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

This film is not your typical horror film! It’s not splatter and gore, this is a very character driven horror film! The good acting, awesome cinematography this is a must see for horror fans. As for what is included on the DVD not only do you get movie but bonus features include 2 audio commentaries and a 74 minute behind the scenes documentary of the making of this film.

So if you want to see a good character driven horror film, this is the one for you! Don’t go into this thinking splatter flick, this is not that kind of film. You can get a copy of this DVD for $27.97! Head over to to learn more about this release.

Moral Rating: Violence, language.
Audience: Teens and adults.
Genre: Horror
DVD Release: 2014
Rating: B+