The Jeff Foxworthy Show (1995-1997) – By Jason S. Lockard


Jeff Foxworthy is now known for hosting game shows such as Are you smarter than a fifth grader and American Bible challenge. Before that he was a standup comedian and had his own sitcom, rightly entitled; The Jeff Foxworthy Show. Now the fine folks at Mill Creek Entertainment bring us the entire series on DVD.

In the first season the Foxworthy clan Jeff, his wife Karen and their son Matt live, love and laugh in Indiana, where Jeff owns and operates Foxworthy heating and air. The first season is filled with hilarious antics of Jeff and his crew getting into all kinds of wacky situations. One of the best episodes is when Jeff forgets to reserve a timeslot for a family Christmas picture and they end up trying to take a picture with Travis Tritt on his bus, while he is asleep.

Sadly after season one ABC cancelled the show, but NBC revived the show but, in season two Foxworthy family switched states from Indiana to Georgia and with it bringing in a whole new cast. The only two actors that stayed was Jeff Foxworthy and Haley Joel Osment who played his son Matt. This was a little bit of a downer, but season 2 still is filled with great laughs and lots of fun.

This 2 Season set boasts of many amazing guest stars including; Bibi Besch (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), Harry Morgan (M*A*S*H), Bob Saget (Full House), Travis Tritt (Country Music Superstar) and many more.

This 4 disc DVD set includes all 41 episodes of the 2 seasons of this country fried sitcom. Each episode is presented in full frame and really good audio and video quality. The DVD menu is easy to access. That is two full length seasons for under 15 dollars it’s a steal! You don’t have to be a redneck to laugh at these fun-filled episodes. I highly suggest you head over to and pick up a copy today!

Moral Rating: nothing offensive
Audience: families
Genre: sitcom
Length: over 15 hours
DVD Released: 2015
DVD Rating: A-