The Last Halloween (2013) – By Kirsten Walsh

An interesting concept that reveals itself over the span of 10 minutes, “The Last Halloween” is an intriguing short film. Set in an alternate reality (one would hope), the film follows a group of four children as they go house to house trick or treating. In the overall landscape of the film, the moral stands out as always give kids candy on Halloween.

However, in this film, its not just candy that they are receiving, which right away shows the rift in the timeline. Without giving too much of the film away, they continue on their path until something goes wrong, and then all hell breaks loose.

At times, the acting is a bit exaggerated, which is still within the scope of the film, but feels a bit stretched. The production design is extremely well done, giving a sense of desperation and desolation.The costume design is great, especially for the characters of the four children, and gives a juvenile quality to the film, making it scary in a whole different level.

The music is one of the champions of this film, however. It harkens back to the great sounds of the slasher films of the 80s, but at the same time, stands on its own legs. In a sequence that can only be described as a jump scare, it is the music that frightens the audience, not the visuals. But the visuals are nothing to scoff at either. The smooth camera movements mixed with the excellent coloring give the film a tone and feel that is undeniable.

If “The Last Halloween” is playing at a festival near you- GO SEE IT! This is definitely the type of horror film that should be out there!

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