The Last One (2012) – By Brian Morton

Not only do I love short films, I actually enjoy seeing student films. Yes, you have to see a lot of…honestly…bad movies, but there’s usually a gem in the mix, I think of it as movie gold mining, I move a lot of dirt, but when I find a nugget, it’s pure gold! And that’s what I found when I dropped Carlos Barbieri III’s The Last One into the DVD player.

The story is a simple one, three friends trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, one is trying to find his girlfriend and won’t quit until he gets to her…no matter what state they find her in. In the end, we’re left wondering what we all might do in the end, if our loved ones were not with us in a crisis. How would it affect us? Would we fight to survive or just give up?

What Barbieri has done here is tell us a short story that makes us think about the ‘what ifs’ of the situation, and good short films always do that for me! I’m giving The Last One 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s well put together, the acting is good and it left me wondering what might have happened before the movie. I’m very interested to see what Barbieri might do next, but if you’d like to see The Last One for yourself, head over to