The Last Orthodontist (2016) – By Misty Layne


You’re in high school…you’re days away from getting your braces off and then…APOCALYPSE!! You survive, but you still have those braces. You’ve heard rumours that there’s one last orthodontist nearby, and all you have to do to get to him is brave the natural elements (and zombies). What do you do?

That’s the question The Last Orthodontist aims to answer. Zoe and her companion, Jack, are wandering after the apocalypse. Jack is the pragmatic type, while Zoe is the vain type. And Zoe can NOT go one more day with her braces left on. She just can’t because she’s HIDEOUS. Never mind that the zombies don’t really care. Whatevs. But Jack seems to care a lot for her, so he lets her drag him off to the Last Orthodontist (his business card even says so!) and into a bit of a pickle – one that will force Zoe to decide which is more important – vanity or life?

The Last Orthodontist is super cute. Clocking in at around 5 minutes, it’s fast paced, but every word in this dialogue counts. There’s nothing superfluous here. The few zombies we see have some really cool makeup, and Dylan Harley as the Last Orthodontist is creepy AF. (Also, this film is funny. There’s a great line referencing “Dexter” in here.) Jesse Lancaster was awesome as “Zoe” (I mean, *I* wanted to kick her in the shin for being so annoying about her braces), but Sam De Lyall as “Jack” seemed a bit stilted. It wasn’t hugely noticeable; there were just a couple of strangely placed pauses in his dialogue.

Final verdict though, is that this is definitely a short film worth your time. Cute, funny, fun, and sweet, you can check it on the LoneRoss Productions website, or visit them on Facebook!!the-last-orthodontist/cb4d