The Last Resort (2014) – By Matthew Robinson

I have to preface my review of “The Last Resort” by noting that this film was made as part of a 48-hour film project. For those unacquainted that means that this group was given a theme, topic and sometimes several lines that must be somehow incorporated into their project. So I give this review knowing in the back of my head that some of the things I criticize about this project may not be totally fair. And actually it’s a film I kind of liked, but they submitted this for review and I’ve got to grade it as egalitarian as possible.

“The Last Resort” is a period piece comedy; taking place in the 1960s where a woman is being put on trial for alleged sexual misconduct. Short, sweet and too the point this film directed by Terry Ross and produced by Lisa Bruhn is light on it’s feet and clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously. The script written by co-written by Bruhn and Ross and has some funny moments as well as a few jokes that fall painfully flat.

The cast for the most part does their jobs, they’re essentially all playing wacky characters living in a Pleasantville type setting where probably holding hands would be considered scandalous and most of the humor is derived from this scenario. Nobody from the cast really stood out to me, but it was clear they were all having fun.

The short is shot all in black and white for some reason. Perhaps this was a rule of the film festival, if it was I totally understand the choice if it wasn’t I’m kind of scratching my head at it. The film is supposed to take place in the early 1960s by then color was a reality with motion pictures and the 50s were pretty much over. There was a real missed opportunity here to shoot the film and then in post color it to make it look like an early 1960’s picture. That would have been really novel and helped it stand out.

“The Last Resort” isn’t a good or bad film; it’s just kind of there. It does it’s job which is to entertain you for a few minutes and then it quickly makes it’s exit. It’s a forgettable short, but that’s not always a bad thing.

On a side note: There is no credited costume designer and that’s a shame because I really wanted to know who did the costume work as it’s a highlight of the short.

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