The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume III: Century (2014) – By Jason S. Lockard

Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill brought us The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen so many years ago. DC Comics held the rights for years and since Moore and O’Neill retained the rights they decided to bring us all new adventures. This is Volume 3 of the Century series.

The book is broken up into three chapters and three years 1910, 1969 and 2009.  The rejuvenated Allan Quartermain is joined by Mina Murray, Thomas Carnacki the ghost-finder, reformed thief Anthony Raffles, and the eternal warrior Orlando to fight evil and try and prevent the birth of evil incarnate the Moonchild that could turn out to be the antichrist.

The artwork is stunning and the story is epic. Though as with some of Alan Moore books it can be a little hard to follow at times! I want to make one thing clear, this is an adult novel! With adult themes! This is absolutely out of the question for children!

If you love the writing of Alan Moore and the artwork of Kevin O’Neill! If you love The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, this is an absolute must have!
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Moral Rating: violence, sexual situations, nudity
Audience: adults
Genre: comic book
Released: 2014
Rating: B