The Legend of Detective Harris (2012) – By Brian Morton

In all honesty, I love short films. I don’t know why exactly, but when done right, I just find them fun. So, that’s what I expected from Dorian Dardar’s The Legend Of Detective Harris, but what I got was something very different.

The Legend of Detective Harris is more like a full length movie cut up into bite-sized pieces! At least, that’s what I’m hoping it is, because of the 6 videos posted at the web page, there’s no discernable storyline. We meet Bill Harris, a recently single police detective, as he wakes up, he gets his coffee, tried to get a t-shirt back from his ex and then heads to a crime scene before calling it a day. There’s a lot going on, and yet, nothing happens…if that makes sense. There’s no obvious story yet, we don’t really get to see the crime scene (only hear about it) and, when I left Detective Harris, he was in what seemed to be a dream sequence.

Overall, I was left a bit confused and wondering what might be next, and where this series might be going. The only complaint I really had was the audio during dialogue sequences, it felt like the cameraman was using the on-board mic and there’s a LOT of hum behind all the audio which is a bit distracting during long dialogue scenes. Other than that, I’m interested to see where this might all end up! I’m giving The Legend Of Detective Harris 2 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, it’s a bit confusing and feels incomplete but that’s something you might expect from a ‘rogue filmmaker’. You can check it out for yourself over at