The Legend of Industrial Ghost Wolf (2013) – By Brian Morton

When I first sat down with The Legend Of Industrial Ghost Wolf, I got the impression that this might be one of the worst movies ever made. But, after a bit of reflection…and having seen some of Dorian Dardar’s work in the past, I began to think that this might just be what I was seeing. An ultra-low budget spoof of, well, ultra-low budget spoofs!

The story is simple but strange. Something is killing people, and, when it’s described to the local detective (who also happens to be the chief of the local Indian nation) as an ‘industrial ghost wolf’, he heads immediately to his shaman, who explains that nothing can be done. But, as more people are killed by this force, the shaman appears to fight him, while the chief runs for his life!

Part-police procedural, part-spiritual, The Legend of Industrial Ghost Wolf may be the strangest movie I’ve seen in quite some time, and there’s no way anyone would put this on DVD and expect you to take it seriously. The acting is stiff, the sound of the film is terrible (at times nearly unintelligible) and the story is convoluted and bizarre, so the only thing this could be is an odd joke on the indie film community. I believe that The Legend of Industrial Ghost Wolf is more a comment on the indie movies that Dardar has seen and less a horror film.

I’m giving The Legend of Industrial Ghost Wolf 2 different ratings, if you sit and watch it as a straight horror movie, 1 out of 4 cigars. But, if you take this as I believe it was intended, a spoof on the genre specifically and the indie film movement as a whole, then it gets 4 out of 4 cigars. If you want to find out more, and judge for yourself, head on over to and decide for yourself!