The Little Rascals in Color (2007) – By Jason S. Lockard

What do you think of when you hear ‘The Little Rascals’? I’ll tell you what I think of I think of my childhood. I remember watching the antics of these little kids and though many times I would love to be running around with them. Well, thanks to the new Legend Films The Little Rascals in Color I can relive my childhood over and over again. Let’s take a look at what’s included in this collection.

Our Rating System:

****=Don’t Miss it!
***=Worth a look.
**=An Ok way to spend an evening.
*=You haven’t missed anything.

Disk 1 The Best of Our Gang

Fly My Kite (1931) – A greedy man tries to get rid of his mother by putting her in an old folks home until he discovers she has a fortune in stock certificates. ***

A Lad an’ a lamp (1932) – The gang, inspired by the Aladdin story, is busy rubbing every lamp they can get their hands on. A nearby magician overhears their plan and presents himself as the genie of the lamp. ****

The Kid from Boreno (1933) – The gang goes to a circus sideshow to visit Dickie and Spanky’s uncle, mistakenly believing he is "The Wild Man from Borneo." ***

Hi Neighbor (1934) – The gang decides to build their own fire engine. ***

Hide and Shriek (1938) – Detective Alfalfa and his assistants Buckwheat and Porky try to solve a missing-candy case but find themselves in an amusement park haunted house. ***

Disk 2 The Best of Spanky

Our Gang follies of 1936 (1935) – The gang puts on a show, everything good, except one of the acts are missing. ***

Washee Ironee (1934) – A rich boy named Waldo gets his clothes dirty playing football with the gang and now he has to go to his mother’s society party. ***

Shrimps for a day (1934) – A magic lamp lets a young couple become kids again and exposes a mean old man who runs his orphanage like a prison. ***

Choo-Choo (1932) – The gang trades places with a group of orphans about to take a train ride. ***

Night N’ Gales (1937) – The boys serenade Darla’s father with "Home, Sweet Home," but it’s late, and they can’t go home because it’s storming. Now they are forced to spend the night. ***

Disk 3 Superstars of Our Gang

Schools Out (1930) – The kids mistake Miss Crabtree’s brother for a potential boyfriend, and plot to discourage him. ***

Free Wheeling (1932) – Stymie takes Dickie for a ride in his runaway car to cures his stiff neck. ***

For Pete’s Sake (1934) – The kids try to raise money to buy a doll for Marianne. ***

Divot Diggers (1936) – The caddies at the local golf club have walked out, so the gang become caddies. ***

Waldo’s Last Stand (1940) – Waldo can’t seem to drum up any customers for his lemonade stand, so Spanky decides to put on a show to help business. ***

This set not only includes the black and white classic shorts, but also Legend Films great colorized versions as well. Than there is the bonus features which includes another short film ‘The Singing Lesson’ with Alfalfa, Our Gang TV reunion, trailers, promos and other film clips.

If you love The Little Rascals as much as I do, this is a great collection of Our Gang fun. I highly recommend you head over to or your local DVD provider and get your copy today.

Moral Rating: Nothing Offensive
Audience: Family
Genre: Comedy
Length: 252 Minutes
DVD Released: 2007
DVD Rating: A