The Maltese Murder Mystery (2008) – By Brian Morton

Doing a ‘period’ movie on a low budget must be maddening! But, when it’s done well, it can be an amazing thing. Well, a new movie from Joseph Parker, The Maltese Murder Mystery, manages to set a movie in the 50s and make it totally believable on a very limited budget!

The Maltese Murder Mystery is the tale of a small town pharmacist. Our pharmacist has become involved with some unsavory people in town, people who want drugs…and this is the 50s, so I’m pretty sure that it’s codeine that everyone’s after. Well, state inspectors are about to audit our pharmacist, so he’s getting nervous about doling our drugs to these people, and that makes them unhappy!

The beauty of The Maltese Murder Mystery is that it’s not just one thing! There’s a drug story, there’s a child prostitution ring and then, there’s the murder, all wrapped with a current day story of two cops who are unraveling this decades old mystery.

The Maltese Murder Mystery is one of those rare indie movies that manages to tell a story from the past on a limited budget and pull it all off very well! I’m giving The Maltese Murder Mystery 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect and there are parts of the story that I thought were a bit of a stretch, but over all, it’s a fun mystery movie that will have you guessing until the end! You can unravel The Maltese Murder Mystery for yourself by heading over to