The Man From Beyond (1922) – By Jason S. Lockard

Harry Houdini was the master of the escape. People still marvel at his feats even to this day. Death defying and simply amazing Harry Houdini was the best. During the heights of his career Houdini penned and starred in a feature film entitled the Man from Beyond. Now Thanks to Restored Serials this silent era classic is on Blu-ray.  

The film follows a man named Howard Hillary (Houdini) who is found frozen in the arctic ice and than thawed out and awoken. After awakening he meets a beautiful  young woman, Felice. He thinks this is his fiance from a century before. Authorities feel Hillary is crazy and he is committed to a mental institution, but later escapes. Howard reconciles himself to the fact that Felice is not his fiance but her descendent. He than joins her in searching for her abducted father.

The film has been beautifully restored. The music is both haunting and exciting. Bonus features on this Blu-ray include; newsreel footage of Houdini’s straight-jacket escape while hanging upside down, a bonus CD featuring a 20 page press book from The Man From beyond and a 300 page script from Houdini’s serial The Master Mystery.

This blu-ray release is an amazing! For fans of Houdini, classic movies, silent films you name it! I recommend you check out this release by going to

Moral Rating: nothing offensive
Audience: teens and adults
Genre: dram
DVD Time: 80 minutes
DVD Released: 2008
Rating: A